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Semi precious jewellery

Fine Shine is a complete woman at heart. And like a true woman, understands what women want. Fine shine was started by Mr. Anil Kothari in the year of 2013, April.

Fine Shine offer a wide range of fashion jewelry i.e., American Diamond Jewelry, Kundan Jewelry and Traditional Jewelry whereas; not only in jewelry, It’s a one stop shop  for all your jewelry needs especially for brides, a store which presents you a touchable positive emotions and feelings, without being overly repetitive.

FINE SHINE customizes jewelry according to the customer expectation; he as his own manufacturing firm where he got creative jewelry designers from CALCUTTA, MUMBAI, JAIPUR, and HYDERABAD who works for Fine Shine, 365days at their manufacturing firm. His major Customers are from Film Celebrities and Fashion Models.

Anil always treats his daily Customer as a Fine Shine Celebrities.

‘FINE’ stands for “Quality” and ‘SHINE’ Stands for “Personality” therefore it is the “SHINNING SECRET OF FINE SHINE”

Anil Kothari
About Anil Kothari
CEO of Fine Shine

Anil Kothari is a young budding entrepreneur and who has played a key role in the growth of Fashion Jewelry as the Managing Director & CEO of Fine Shine Imitation Jewelry, a leading retail brand in fashion jewelry at South India, Chennai, Anna Nagar.

Career opportunity of Anil started with one of the leading Retail food store -“Brown Tree –your health food store”, he joined as a Marketing Executive in the year 2011 – 2013; after few months of his hard work made him to grab the position as CAO at Brown Tree in a short time.

Anil Kothari is also called as a young charming business Entrepreneur in many event, he been hosted for many fashion shows, he also sponsor his jewelry for many fashion events. He had been called out for many Business Seminars and lot more.

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