American Diamond jewellery

Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love. Gifting your loved ones with these precious stones convey emotions that a million words cannot. But because of their over-hyped cost and unreliable market where it is getting harder to distinguish fakes every day, many fashion lovers and jewelry connoisseurs are trying our alternatives to the gem game. At Fineshine we understand why millennials and the younger generation are not willing to spend extravagant amounts of money for little diamonds that are not even certified by proper authorities. This is why we flaunt the most premium selection of American Diamonds that the Indian Market has ever seen.

With thousands of models to choose from, our experts have made fashion statements that matter in this new generation. We see a lot of high-end clients who are dissatisfied with the slave labor trade that goes behind the scenes of harvesting every natural diamond in the world. Through ethical practices, our Fineshine American Diamond Jewelry Collection does not face any of these issues as they are 100% ethically made.

Science sure is getting smarter every day. Through the latest technological advancements, our American Diamonds are almost impossible to be differentiated from harvested diamonds to the naked eye. Of course, under scrutiny, the difference will be visible but if you do plan on buying a harvested diamond, you need to question yourself on your investment. Are you willing to spend exponentially more money on jewelry that looks the same? Do you not feel ethically responsible for buying harvested real diamonds from a market where there are unethical practices?

This is why going the Fineshine way to buying 100% ethical and responsible jewelry that just dazzles and shows you off in the best light is the way to go this year! With fashion icons and models adorning our works all over the globe, in this new generation, American Diamonds is a tour de force to be reckoned with. Right from our very own Miss India’s to all the future beauty aspirants, our wide array of specialized fine jewelry is custom made to suit all your glamorous needs.

Need something iconic to outshine all the other bridesmaids? You’ve come to the right place. The best part about our jewelry is that appeals to the most luxurious of fine tastes and at the same time offers itself at the best value. You don’t worry of out things getting out of hand or your wallet getting too light at Fineshine. Whether it is for a candlelit dinner where your necklace’s subtle glow refracts the moonlight for your special someone or a night party with your friends where you stand apart from the crowd, we’ve got every kind of designs that cater to your needs.

Our jewelry specialists at Fineshine are more than happy to give you a walkthrough of how our American Diamond jewelry stands a class apart for the others and showcase our best designs that look best on you. Interested in elegance – the Fineshine way? Drop by today!

American diamonds are used in a lot of jewellery owing to its close resemblance to real diamonds. The diamond comes in a variety of colors like champagne, yellow, green, pink, purple, amber, and more. Doping makes these color alterations possible.

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American diamond Jewellery

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Design No. 1
Colour n
Polish Gold
Base Metal
Necklace Weight (gms)
Earring Weight (gms)
Earring Length (cms)
Tikka Weight (gms)
Earring Style
Earring Closure Type
Necklace Details Adjustable Chain

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sudir bafna
sudir bafna
12:03 04 Feb 19
Got a gift for my wife from this amazing store called Fine Shine. . Found some amazing jewellery and great service. Highly recommend
Santosh Jain
Santosh Jain
09:36 04 Feb 19
Fine Shine knows how to take care of their customers... Every jewel over here are unique..... I liked their approach 😍 comfortably we cn find every kinds of jewels over there... Had a good time ☺️😊
Chandani abar
Chandani abar
09:34 04 Feb 19
I loved the plc ...the name given fine shine ...is the worthed name ....as the jewels are so shine and it looks so pretty ....I loved the place and the experience over purchasing here is the best Coz the service is the up the mark ...😍
Abaranji Ramesh
Abaranji Ramesh
12:48 24 Dec 18
Mr Anil is such a wonderful person. The customer service is to the TOP. He is very smart and give the customer what they need instead of wasting a lot of time. Very unique collection and trendy.
Saipriya Ramesh
Saipriya Ramesh
22:49 13 Dec 18
Superb collection and customer service. Purchased 2 sets for a cousin's wedding from here. No better place to find wedding jewellery.
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