Antique jewellery

It’s a common sight to see the trendiest starts of today embracing antique jewelry. Right from decorating your interiors with a touch from the past, this beautiful culture of design has now being welcomed in the fashion world too. Nothing appeals to the retro lover than something from the days gone by. Vintage jewelry is not just about the design of your ornament but an ode to the past; an essence from the yesteryears that are to be cherished. Nostalgia sure is what drives a lot of us into getting these antique charms that mean so much to us.


Are you a lover of such Antique Jewelry? If so, then you sure are in luck! Fineshine is the most authentic place in today’s market to get yourself some refine vintage jewelry. Our collections carry the most sophisticated designs over the years. Right from elegant brooches and necklaces of the Victorian era to our very own Indian heritage jewelry, crafted by smiths from a bygone era. Fashionistas and jewelry connoisseurs are finding the bonds between their hearts and these antiques to be growing strong with every passing year. This sure is a trend that will never fade out.


Nothing exudes elegance better than personalized vintage pieces that have a history to them. When you have something like this on you, it isn’t just another piece of jewelry on you. It’s a piece of art that carries its own story and possess deep value and meaning. This subtle charm is what sets apart your regular rings and necklaces from our vintage pieces. Over the past couple of years we have had huge customer requests for this type of jewelry. Fineshine was created with this mindset of providing the most desirable of ornaments to everyone. This is why we have been carefully saving and building the best possible collection of antique jewelry in India.


If you have been keeping up with all the latest glamour gossips you will have noticed a startling trend. It has become quite the rage to flaunt these handmade vintage jewelry. There is one reason why this trend is becoming more and more popular these days. The main reason is that antique jewelry can be paired with almost anything. Do you have a classical outfit planned for an elegant night out? Our rose gold Victorian pieces will perfect your princess look. Are you planning on going out in something more bold and rebel like that showcases your wildside? Fineshine’s Art Nouveau period pieces will compliment your contemporary look right away! Perfect every look in the book with Fineshine’s legendary antique pieces.

The intricate designs and the precious gemstones that defined an era resonate the best with old souls who feel done and tired with the modern monotony of things. To such fellow old souls I say, you don’t have to wait anymore. We have the perfect nook to satisfy all your culture cravings. Fineshine has perfected the art of providing you with the best antique jewelry that we can find so that you can showcase yourself in a vibe that captures the exact essence of your soul. Excited about trying out our finest antique jewelry? Go ahead and visit us today!

Antique jewelry comprises of precious metals, exotic jewels, pearls, diamonds of all kinds. Antique jewelry also comes in non-precious elements which are obviously cheaper and easy to afford.

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Antique Jewellery

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Design No. 1
Colour n
Polish Gold
Base Metal
Necklace Weight (gms)
Earring Weight (gms)
Earring Length (cms)
Tikka Weight (gms)
Earring Style
Earring Closure Type
Necklace Details Adjustable Chain

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sudir bafna
sudir bafna
12:03 04 Feb 19
Got a gift for my wife from this amazing store called Fine Shine. . Found some amazing jewellery and great service. Highly recommend
Santosh Jain
Santosh Jain
09:36 04 Feb 19
Fine Shine knows how to take care of their customers... Every jewel over here are unique..... I liked their approach 😍 comfortably we cn find every kinds of jewels over there... Had a good time ☺️😊
Chandani abar
Chandani abar
09:34 04 Feb 19
I loved the plc ...the name given fine shine ...is the worthed name ....as the jewels are so shine and it looks so pretty ....I loved the place and the experience over purchasing here is the best Coz the service is the up the mark ...😍
Abaranji Ramesh
Abaranji Ramesh
12:48 24 Dec 18
Mr Anil is such a wonderful person. The customer service is to the TOP. He is very smart and give the customer what they need instead of wasting a lot of time. Very unique collection and trendy.
Saipriya Ramesh
Saipriya Ramesh
22:49 13 Dec 18
Superb collection and customer service. Purchased 2 sets for a cousin's wedding from here. No better place to find wedding jewellery.
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