Kundan jewellery

Right from ancient times, Indians have had a strong tradition of crafting intricate jewelry. The Indus Valley civilization brought about the first precious gemstones and gold ornamentation that were handmade and were viewed as possessions that brought beauty and prestige to the family that owned them. This history we have with jewelry has made it quite clear that this art form is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. Throughout the ages, we have seen different styles emerge and contemporary fusions being embraced. But one style still holds high ground over all the other forms of traditional Indian jewelry making – the Kundan Art of Jewelry.

Kundan is the intricate art of making mesmerizing jewelry that combines the exuberance and royalty of pure gold with the dazzling mystery of glass and semi-precious stones to add beauty. There sure is a lot of misconception behind what actual Kundan Jewelry is. Our jewelry experts at Fineshine have spent a good part of their lives interacting with the biggest names in the art of Kundan Jewelry. Our in-depth knowledge on what makes this particular form so unique allowed us to build one of the most beautiful collections of traditional Kundan Jewelry right here at Fineshine.

Originating from the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, artisans all over the kingdom began to take notice and the art started to spread around. It was the Mughal empire when the art of Kundan was actually given mainstream attention. Flourishing through Mughal royalty, who swore by the regal air that this beautiful collection could give them. One of the main reasons why we at Fineshine find Kundan one of the most appealing forms of jewelry is because we understand the long and arduous process it is to create the perfect ornament.

Before a piece gets around your neck or hangs elegantly from your ear, a Kundan ornament goes through the hands of experts who take the most special care through every step. Since this work requires the intricate master working of artisans who pioneer in the craft of goldsmithing and arranging them with glass and semi-precious stones, it is not simple and straight forward as the other forms of jewelry making. Hot coal is the source of heat that the makers use when laying out the stones to be embedded in the gold workings.


At the heart of Kundan Jewelry is embracing the usage of glass along with artistic renditions of gold works. We at Fineshine run into a lot of people who are looking for this kind of works. Models, celebrities and fashion icons from all over the world agree on the fact how a well made Kundan jewelry piece can bring out the most royal and regal side of you. But beware, in a market where this is counterfeits for almost everything, Kundan Jewelry is no exception. This centuries-old craft has been exploited by small-time traders who sell cheap knock off versions of these that are just a embarrassment to the original art form. This is why we at Fineshine make sure through every step of our procurement till showcasing that every piece of Kundan that you see is 100% authentic, original and handmade by artisans whose specialize in the craft.

The popularity of Kundan work has endured for centuries and has only increased in the last few years. This is not surprising considering the regality and beauty of the jewelry. Even a simple set can bestow an air of royalty from a bygone era upon the wearer.

Take a small piece of common eraser (rubber), and again wipe all surfaces clean using it, to remove stains and marks. Take a baby brush, dip it in a bit of face powder, and give the piece a brush-over, and then, air it for a while. Always keep a silica pouch in the box you keep kundan jewellery in.

Kundan Jewellery

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Design No. 1
Colour n
Polish Gold
Base Metal
Necklace Weight (gms)
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Earring Length (cms)
Tikka Weight (gms)
Earring Style
Earring Closure Type
Necklace Details Adjustable Chain

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